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Custom Made Blinds Inc

Motorized Window Blinds

Automatic window blinds are no longer something extra-ordinary and have become very popular in Canada, thanks to the development of modern technologies allowing to significantly reduce production costs, as well as installing power shades even in places with no electricity.

Electric blinds and shades make life much easier and help cutting unnecessary costs of cooling the house in summer, due to motorized shutdown when you are away.

Almost any kind of home and commercial blinds can be automated today, even if they are already installed, simply by installing an additional motor.

Types of control of motorized blinds.

Modern automatic window shades can be operated in various ways, be remotely opened and closed with handheld remotes, wall-mounted remotes looking like regular wall switches, as well as operated from a smartphone and tablet via a special application.

Besides standard functions, modern motorized shades can be pre-set with various personal modes of partial opening or timed operation, when electric blinds and shades open just partially to the comfortable level or at a pre-set time. This is provided by personal scenarios buttons on the remotes.

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